This is the first motorcycle that came out after we arriving at the new workshop. Aris is the owner of this Suzuki Thunder 250. This is not his first custom bike. Previously, Aris had a Kawasaki Binter which also had been modified. But for some reason, he sold the bike and ... finally he came to us bringing this Thunder 250.
Not in a bad condition, and quite original. But his desire to have a custom bike is very damn good.
The concept is a daily tracker. So we make everything simple. Starting from a simple tank shape until accessories. There was no meaningful change in the legs. Fender, batt box and seat we make it simple.
Speaking of batt box, there is a joke from the crew. They call it the warehouse bullets because the box looked like it had been shot.
Well, not easy to explore the beauty of this 250 beast. But we hope, with this simple style, we can bring this bike to a new level.

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