Another inspiration come from Roland Sand Design (RSD). This bike absolutly built from KTM 525EXC based motorcross genre, and they call Cafe Moto style.
The Cafe looks from body design like tail cover, and gas tank. And the Moto comes up from tire and suspension.

According to RSD crew, "This one is street legal, ultra-light and has just enough horsepower to get you in trouble.Forks and shock have been lowered considerably".

They debated back and forth on the front fender then decided to keep it moto with chopped down fork guards. Sub frame has been heavily modified to accept the battery and electronics.

All the body work is hand-made from aluminum metrial. Fabricated at the RSD compound. FMF titanium exhaust and Chris Wood at Airtrix give the Candy Orange Flake paint.Enjoy..

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