Honda BeAt 'Snowy' project - Done!

Designing a modifications bike on weak conditions, its normal. But in hospital....that's another story! A narrow time, forcing me to finish the final stage of the Honda Beat project. There was no choice..working in the hospital. But not in vain! Thanks to all team. The final stage can be completed .. and 'Snowy' can be displayed in the Tumplek-Blek 2010 event..Hiuff!!

Honda BeAt 2010
Speed retro concept
Aluminum wheels TDR U-Shape 2.15 x 14 front - 2.50 x 14 rear.
IRC standart tire
TDR front brakehoses.
TDR muffler Aluminium.
TDR seat. Thekatros cutting sticker.

YSS Z-Series rear shock.
TDR stainless spoke.
Owner : Anto 'Freakz MC'

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